This site offers a data bank of musicians and acting executives, recording studios and all businesses related to music.

The target is to support the whole music community by proposing a simple and easy reading without polluting commercials.

It allows a geo-localized research and offers the possibility to tick of the research precisely with suitable measures.

Under the first heading you will find a musician for your orchestra or your group, a guitar professional, a group for your wedding, a lyric writer or whatever…

The other two headings will help you respectively to find a recording studio or a business related to music by specificities or specialties. also offers the possibility to the registered musician to propose a title of his composition on our playlist in order to introduce him and to get sponsored.



The registration is FREE for all non-professional musicians, groups, orchestras, DJs, lyric writers, arrangers, etc..

For professional musicians and acting executives the annual fee costs: 30.- / €

For recording studios the annual fee costs: 40.- / €

For all businesses related to music the annual fee costs: 60.- / €



Non-professional or professional musicians, independent teachers (without structure) can get registered

As well as acting executives like lyric writers, etc..




Only professional recording studios can get registered.



All businesses directly related to music can get registered.



Once registered the musician has the possibility to present a title of his composition under the heading playlist. It can be submitted as an audio or a video.

It will be available for 6 months and renewable. During this period of time the musician is supported by his close relations or the community by a voting and a “help” system.

The community can :

  • “ like “ = I like
  • “ help” = I help

Counting systems reflecting the scores are visible on the musician‘s account and as well as the generous donors.


In case of “help” offered to the musician the user is guided to a quick registration and payment through PayPal.

To ensure the functioning of the site a commission of seven percent will be charged.

At 6 months date of the formula the musician can benefit of the collected amount through vouchers to be used with any professional registered on the site.

If ever no registered professional is located less than 60 km from the musician’s location MUSIMEET will contact another professional or refund the musician.


The minimal amount on the playlist account is 50 CHF / EUROS or equivalent to allow the establishment of a voucher.

You have the possibility to send us your suggestions, critics and… encouragements.


Please also refer to the general rules of use and legal references.


The Team welcomes you.


Laurent Chevalley

Claude Keller

Pascal Pittier


General rules of use


General remarks

MUSIMEET specifies that any user of the site is the only liable for the content and the legal admissibility of his registration. MUSIMEET reserves the right to withhold any content infringing these general rules, laws or any official regulations in force. Any user of the advertisement system stands for the truthfulness of the provided information. The registration office for professional or non-professional musicians registering on the site allows the distinction between the profiles « musicians » and the profiles « group » (suitable as well to fanfare, orchestra, choir, etc.). The entering « musician » is intended to a person registering as an individual. The entering « group » is reserved to a global entity of at least two people and defined by a common name. Multiple registrations for the same individual and/or a global entity are prohibited in order to guarantee a consistent visual presentation of the results after the starting of a research. MUSIMEET reserves the right to check automatically the registrations and to delete any registrations infringing the above mentioned provisions. The recordings have to be done exclusively and with no exception in a correct language and should not contain tendentious pictures. MUSIMEET reserves the right to delete any inappropriate contents. MUSIMEET declines any responsibility and undertakes no verification with regard to possible rights related to the name of a group or other designations used on the site. MUSIMEET also declines any responsibility with regard to the use or disclosure by a third/user of the site of information put on line by any entity on the site. If the owners of a registered label think to be endangered by the use of the name on the site, they have to contact the user in order to obtain a clarification. In case of established facts and the proof in due form of infringed rights related to a name/label, MUSIMEET reserves the right to block the involved user accounts.


Exoneration of responsibility

MUSIMEET gives no guarantee for an uninterrupted running or against errors and denies any responsibility in case of possible consequences caused by interruptions or programming errors. Under no circumstances MUSIMEET is responsible for damages caused to the computer system as well as for personal clashes or damages caused to Internet service users and attributable to Internet access providers or Internet sheltering providers. MUSIMEET also denies any responsibility in case of damages or intrusions after using links put on line by the users of the site in relation with their advertisement.


Right of cancellation

The user may use a notice of cancellation during one week following the date of registration. He may cancel the contract by e-mail with no obligation to indicate the reason. The cancellation is to lay down at the e-mail address indicated under user support address.

1. The fee paid for the registration will be fully refunded provided the cancellation is received within the term of notice.

2. In case a title has been put on the playlist by the user and collected already donations – of a minimal value equivalent to fifty Swiss Francs – a voucher will be issued to compensate this amount (after deduction of the foreseen 7% commission) and to be used with professionals registered on the site. The choice of the professional is left to the user.

Exception :

If no registered professional is located less than 60 km from the user’s location, MUSIMEET reserves the right to contact a professional in order to arrange the issue of a voucher. If necessary a direct refunding will take place. In case of the cancellation of an account beyond the term of notice, paragraph 1 is not applicable, but paragraph 2 stays in force. Refunding can take place only if the following information is communicated to MUSIMEET :

For countries in the European Union: the IBAN n°, the name of the bank, the name and the account number of the recipient and the BIC code.

For countries out of the European Union: the IBAN n°, the name and complete address of the bank, the name and the account number of the recipient and the SWIFT code of the bank. MUSIMEET reserves the right to deduct the transfer fees from the amount.


Data protection

MUSIMEET assures that the personal data communicated for the users account or other sources will not be sold or disclosed except to the users of the site (except in the case of a legal action).


Law and jurisdiction

The Swiss law is applicable and the court of Geneva (Switzerland) is the only competent authority.

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